Mamma Mia© La Mozzarella

La mozzarella da pizza – crystal white glow from the purest source. Traditional flavor created with 21st Century technology. The crossroads where antique tradition and the newest innovations meet: Mamma Mia© La mozzarella da pizza.


Mamma Mia© La Provoletta

The Provolone-type Provoletta, is the proud member of the so called „pasta filata” stretched curd cheese family. The “Dolce” (sweet) version of the Provoletta obtains its unique rich taste and jonquil color after 2–3 months of aging. The taste of the “Piccante” (spicy) version is the result of over 4 months of maturing. Provoletta is the perfect ingredient for salads, sandwiches, and hot starters, highly recommended accompaniment to a full red wine.


Mamma Mia© Lo Stracchino

This quick-matured soft cheese with its unmistakable aroma is a real culinary treat. Stracchino is creamier than Mozarella and is a rich flavored and juicy kind of cheese – an unparalleled gastronomy experience: as a separate dish, or with salads, or as a pasta sauce.

Mamma Mia© Il Provolone

Provolone is a stretched curd specialty cheese. As a member of the “pasta filata” family, due to its preparation it is elastic, and is easy to shape through the special treatment resulting in its specially fibrous, and layered structure. As an essential element of Italian cuisine, Provolone is a natural component of the pantry of a quality kitchen where it can be effectively used for both salads as well as soups. It can be consumed fresh, semi-hard or matured-hard, in a mild or spicy form.