The quality of the products of the MammaMia line is guaranteed by the Global Standard certificate of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) as well as the Food Standard regulations of the International Featured Standards (IFS).


BRC (BRC Global Standard for Safety) certifies that the retail chains meet special requirements in addition to the mandatory regulations of the authorities.


BRC Global’s documenting system provides searchable, trackable, and verifiable process for technical, and technological conditions of food products, thus helping companies meet trade and legal requirements for the protection of consumers.



IFS (International Featured Standards Food Standard) is a set of international food safety rules certifying that the company adhering to its standards meet the supplier requirements of food trade chains.

Food production and distribution is a high-risk business activity. The primary responsibility for food safety is with the producer according to both product safety and food safety regulations. Safety, however, must be maintained all the way to the end consumer, which creates responsibility for all the players in the food-chain, thus these parties must find a way to cooperate.

Companies have been searching for years for a way to certify the safety of their suppliers’ products, and their adherence to food safety expectations as well as legal regulations, in an effort to provide food safety for the consumers, and reduce the risks for themselves. Prior to this, the quality assurance organizations of each trading company prepared supplier audits as single processes. IFS, however, represents an internationally coordinated system of requirements. This system of requirements has been encompassing the entire process of food production since 2003.