About us

The recently refurbished 20 ton capacity production line of Óvártej Zrt. in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary is capable of producing as much as 240-thousand pizzas’ worth of Mozarrella per day. The cheese factory originally founded in 1903 by the legendary Imre Újhelyi under the name of Magyar Királyi Tejgazdasági Állomás (Royal Hungarian Dairy Station) was transferred to the ownership of the Valcolatte family corporation two years ago. As a member of the cheese consortium located in the province of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, the strategic objective of Óvártej is to conquer the markets of the lower Alpine regions. The expansion of the owners’ cheese offerings domestically and into surrounding countries, is realized through the use of Hungarian milk and through the retention of the Hungarian labor force. “After taking ownership we kept over 100 employees, promptly paid our vendors, and successfully established a network of trust” – claims Mr. Carlo Volpe, Managing Director of Óvártej Zrt. In the past 2 years Óvártej Zrt. increased its production efficiency, resulting in increased competitiveness, and is now able to provide a modern working environment for its employees. The Company has strived to develop a high-tech and youthful entity utilizing self-financed investment of over 500 Million HUF. In addition to the traditional Hungarian specialty cheese offering, the business objective is to create awareness of Italian cheeses and recipes such as Mozarella, Stracchino or even Provoletta in the local market. Óvártej Zrt. took a huge step forward at 1 pm on Thursday, 15 June, 2015, when Mr. István Nagy, Under-secretary, opened a new production unit of the Company.

Just like the real Italian Mozarellas of the Fior di Latte (fiordilatte) type made from cow milk, the Mamma Mia© La Mozzarella is also a member of the so called pasta filata (stretched dough) cheese family. According to the traditional method the “dried” and “sour” cheese curd was soaked in hot water, then it was kneaded and formed using the special method perfected by generations of cheese masters, until the stretched pasta became homogeneous. The Mamma Mia© La Mozzarella is produced by the industrial version of this traditional hand-made technology: the tiring process of the human hands is performed by kneading rolls and arms.

The optimal fat content prime quality milk used as the base for the Mamma Mia© La Mozzarella is prepared for kneading by a special, so called Thermophile coagulant that works well at 38–40 Celsius. After a few hours of coagulation, the thin-sliced stripes are kneaded by the kneading rolls and arms – mentioned before –, in a high temperature kneading water, until it becomes a homogenous stretched dough within about 30 minutes. The cheese-dough is then formed into appropriate-sized balls by the forming rolls. In the Mozzarella production technology of Óvártej Zrt. there is only one deviation from the traditional handmade method: the still “hot” and easy to form dough is salted on the cooler line, replacing the traditional washing thusly guaranteeing the proper flavoring. Packaging is the last stage of the closed production line. Due to the state of the art packaging machinery, the pizza mozzarella produced by Óvártej Zrt. is presented to the Hungarian market in an appearance representing legendary Italian design traditions. This makes Mamma Mia© La Mozzarella the newest ambassador of Italian quality to Hungary.